In Search of a Better Way

Correct Toes were designed by sports podiatrist and elite distance runner Dr. Ray McClanahan, who was unsatisfied with the inconsistent and temporary results offered through conventional symptom management techniques: orthotics, medication and surgery. He was also frustrated with his own persistent foot pain and recurring running injuries. For both his patients and himself, Dr. Ray desired to cure the root cause of the foot problems rather than settle for symptom management. He embarked on a mission to discover a truly curative method of foot care.

Over time, through clinical experience, literature review, footwear analysis, and observations of unshod elite runners, Dr. Ray realized the powerful healing effect of rehabilitating and strengthening the feet, and that natural toe splay is an essential component of long-term foot health. Ultimately, he developed Correct Toes, customizable and comfortable toe spacers that would enable his patients to combat and prevent common foot problems. With his new approach to foot care, Dr. Ray successfully reversed his own foot problems as well as those of thousands of patients, for which he is thrilled and grateful. Today Correct Toes have become a vital tool for those who find their highest joy when in motion.

Allopathic vs. Naturopathic Care

In this video, Dr. Ray McClanahan discusses the main differences between allopathic and naturopathic approaches to foot health. Dr. Ray explains how his approach to foot health and foot care has evolved over time, shifting from an allopathic model to a more naturopathic approach. Foot conditions often respond very well to natural, noninvasive treatment methods and these methods typically represent the best frontline approach for most people, instead of drugs, orthotics or surgery.

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