Charles Roskam

The plantar fasciitis had progressed to plantar fasciosis. The pain in my foot caused my gait to change. The hobbling after a few years damaged my knee. Then the continued hobbling caused a severe sacro iliac inflammation.

I purchased Correct Toes then transition shoes(Altra) then minimalist Lems shoes. Toe socks and metatarsal pads helped also. It took about two years. And now I’m almost completely healed up.

Dr. Mark Cucuzzella | Shepherdstown, WV

My first run in the Correct Toes was one of the many AHA moments I’ve had in a life of running. The proper function and space was now allowed in all the toes and they maintained the position in the soft gel rubber for the entire run.

Evan Jager | Olympian and Professional American Distance Runner

Correct Toes were an important part of my rehab program coming back from foot surgery and I continue to use them in training.

CT testimonial 3
Shannon D'Aurora

Wearing correct toes has been life changing, and I just wanted to say thank you. A little over a year ago I was in serious pain; every step hurt and I had to stop all unnecessary walking. My doctor diagnosed me with hallux rigidus and referred me to a podiatrist for corrective surgery, which I refused. A short time later, an alternative care provider suggested I look into toe spacers and recommended seeing Dr. Ray. I never did see Dr. Ray, but I did start using Correct Toes (and Lems footwear). It’s been a gradual healing process, and there is more healing to do. But, I can walk happily again, and I am pain free.

Robert Conenello testimonial
Dr. Robert Conenello | Orangeburg, NY

Patients state that they feel the benefits of the product immediately. I find that patients with forefoot pathology…hammertoes, neuromas, and metatarsalgia…benefit the most. I do see the benefit of a stronger more efficient foot that is obtained through the use of Correct Toes. Patients with a more “natural” foot strike are less likely to develop overuse injuries such as plantar fasciitis, medial tibial stress syndrome and Achilles tendonitis.

Zola Pieterse | Olympian and Former Cross Country World Champion

Just to let you know, I have been battling with a broken toe and sore metatarsals for a while and the Correct Toes works wonderful. I ran my best 10k recently!

CT testimonial 1
Judy Swinehart

I began wearing Correct Toes two weeks ago to help straighten my toes that were starting to cross. My chiropractor recommended them. I was in for a big surprise. Not only are my toes straightening, the tingling, burning, numbing sometimes unbearable pain in my feet has gone away! It’s the best $65 I ever spent. They should be called Miracle Toes.

Brent Vaughn | Former American Distance Runner

My use of Correct Toes has greatly reduced the achiness and pain I get in my feet from running 100+ miles a week

CT testimonial 3
C.H. | UK

Last Saturday, […], I took part and completed the Ironman Texas Triathlon. I wore the Correct Toes while on the bike and on the run. It’s the first time competing in an Ironman where I have had very little discomfort from my feet during the race. Thank you for […] Correct Toes, they are a fantastic product.

Chris Solinsky | Professional American Distance Runner

I really like wearing Correct Toes after a long training day because they make my feet feel stronger.

CT testimonial 1
Nina Attar

As of this writing I have had NO pain in my hip for the past 7 weeks, since I started wearing Correct toes and Lems shoes. It felt so normal not to have pain, that I “forgot” I even had it… just noticed this a few days ago!

Simon Bairu | Former Canadian Long-Distance Runner

I enjoy wearing Correct Toes not only because I know they make my foot stronger but they’re comfortable as well.

CT testimonial 4
Pascal Dobert | Olympian and Strength Conditioning Coach

I think Correct Toes are an amazing product. I strongly suggest all my athletes wear them during functional training and throughout the day.

Lisa Uhl | Olympian and Professional American Distance Runner

I feel more balanced when I put Correct Toes on, and my feet feel stronger.

CT testimonial 3

A few weeks ago I began wearing the Correct Toes. Though my knee has some residual stiffness, it has just about healed. Your program seems miraculous. My knee and feet are in much better condition now. There is no knee surgery in my future. Thank you so much again for sharing this on your website and youtube.

Matt Tegenkamp | Olympian and Former American Long-Distance Runner

Correct Toes are a great product and I like wearing them because they make my stride more efficient and powerful.

CT testimonial 4

I just want to say thank you. This invention will prevent surgery on my left foot. I’m from Miami and have had 4 surgeries on my right foot and look forward to flying out to visit your office someday soon. Correct Toes is the best thing thats happend to me in years! Best regards AG.

Tim Nelson | American Distance Runner

I’m a huge fan of Correct Toes, I use them in training and everyday life.

CT testimonial 1
A.P. | Portland, OR

Since changing my shoes […] and wearing the Correct Toes I have had no foot pain! I’ve been running more […], too. Thank you so much! After watching my grandma and aunt develop bunions and foot pain I thought it was inevitable, and it’s been pretty incredible to not feel pain. I just talked my parents into getting their own Correct Toes.

CT testimonial 3
J.G. | Danville, PA

I find the approach you all take to be so much more refreshing than the approach the VAST majority of podiatrists and people in the medical profession take (and I’m in the medical profession!). Thanks so much.

CT testimonial 1

My daughter, a runner, told me about Correct Toes. I read the pamphlet, and the bit on plantar fasciosis resonated with me. My arch support orthotics might be my problem?! After years of steady ibuprofen and a year of heel pain, I took out the orthotics and am running again. Now, I have purchased my own set of Correct Toes and love the pain-free running life again. I’m 60.

Overlapping toes e1544129738577
Correct Toes Helps Child with Crooked Toes

A 3.5-year-old child came to Northwest Foot & Ankle to see Dr. Ray. The child wore Correct Toes and naturally shaped footwear for 16 months. This child showed great improvement in the right foot and mild improvement in the left foot. With the continued use of Correct Toes and our recommended footwear, complete correction is expected.

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