Natural Foot Health Resources

Education is a core value for us at Correct Toes so we encourage you to enjoy our free articles, videos and other resources. Our website is full of natural foot health information, but here’s a good place to start:

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Correct Toes Manual

Every pair of Correct Toes comes with a user manual, which offers helpful tips and instruction on how to use Correct Toes. Download a digital version here:

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Correct Toes Approved Shoe List

We recommend footwear that is flat, widest at the ends of the toes and flexible in the sole. This shoe list highlights footwear that encourages natural foot and body movement, optimizes foot strength and promotes proper toe alignment.

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How to Modify Correct Toes

Correct Toes are designed to be adaptable and customizable. Reference the suggested modifications to optimize fit and increase comfort.

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How to Transition to Natural Shoes

Whether you’re training for a marathon or lifting your first dumbbell, adaptation and time is a necessary step to allow for strengthening. If you are used to arch support and structured shoes, a slow transition to naturally shaped footwear will be necessary to allow the foot muscles to strengthen. Click to learn more about safe transition techniques.

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Bunion Stretch & Foot Strengthening Exercises

Learn how to perform manual techniques for releasing and stretching soft tissues involved in a bunion deformation. Plus, master exercises that help strengthen the arch intrinsic muscles and facilitate the process of aligning and restoring your feet.

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Foot Conditions and Problems

We have found that many foot ailments can be alleviated, reversed and prevented when the foot is allowed to be in natural alignment. Click to learn more about natural treatment options for a variety of common foot conditions and problems.

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Return Policy

Correct Toes is proud to offer a 30-day-no-worries return policy, with a 90-day materials warranty for replacement of Correct Toes. All returns and exchanges must go through original place of purchase.

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