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Do you have questions about how to customize your Correct Toes or where to place your metatarsal pads? Great! We’re here to guide you with these simple do-it-yourself tips and modifications. See the list below.

CT correcttoes
How to Wear Correct Toes

Want to get the most out of your Correct Toes? Perfect! The following page explains in detail how to wear your Correct Toes and when to use them. This will allow you to achieve optimal toe alignment and foot comfort, plus boost product longevity.

CT met pad
How to Place Metatarsal Pads

Placement of metatarsal pads can be a tricky business. Ideally, the metatarsal pad will sit in the metatarsal/transverse arch, behind the ball of the foot. Click below for a step-by-step guide to ensure your metatarsal pads are perfectly placed.

CT shoe mod
How to Modify Shoes to Fit Correct Toes

Some podiatrists surgically correct feet to better fit conventionally shaped shoes. Here at Correct Toes, we would rather cut shoes to fit naturally shaped feet! Similar to making alterations to a new dress off the rack, footwear may need some nips and cuts to perfectly fit you. Use the following guide to walk you through common footwear modifications.

CT modifications
How to Modify Correct Toes

Correct Toes come in four sizes: X-Small, Small, Medium and Large. While these options fit many people out of the packaging, there may be additional ways to customize your pair. Modifications can increase comfort and allow for a better fit. Modifications are outlined in both PDF and Video format.

CT transitioning
How to Transition to Natural Shoes

Whether you’re training for a marathon or lifting your first dumbbell, adaptation and time is a necessary step to allow for strengthening. If you are used to arch support and structured shoes, a slow transition to naturally shaped footwear will be necessary to allow the foot muscles to strengthen. Click to learn more about safe transition techniques.

CT shim
How to Make a Shim

Correct Toes are created with a small, open pocket of space within the 1st and 4th pylons. If you have a bunion, this cavity can gradually be filled with soft material to progressively push the big toe or 5th toe into natural alignment. Click to learn more about appropriate shim use and ideal materials for the job.

CT shoelinertest
Shoe Liner Test™

Shoes are made all over the world in a multitude of factories and countries. Unfortunately, not all size 9’s are created equal. The Shoe Liner Test is a great way to find your true shoe size. The following page explains how.

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